It sucks being a Weekend Warrior.

Surfing this past weekend was pretty much a bust.  The NW swell that was promised never really materialized in any significant way, so rather than go to the semi-secret spot I was thinking about, I ended up paddling out at El Porto on Saturday. First, it was super crowded. I mean, really crowded.  And the surf just wasn’t very good. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t very good.  Second, there were fierce rip currents everywhere sucking you way out past the line up towards Catalina. You had to paddle constantly toward shore just to try to stay in position to catch a wave.  Annoying.  So I spent the entire session trying to paddle away from the crowds and out of the rip currents, caught two meager waves and called it.  Not satisfying at all.

Ok, so I figured I still had Sunday to count on. Hopefully it would be better.  Got up to a slight drizzle but was not deterred from heading down to the beach. Went to do surf check right out front and even before I could see the water, I saw about 15 guys huddled on the boardwalk just looking.  No one was suiting up to paddle out.  Not good.  The winds were onshore and waves were chunky, textured, small, dumpy, crapsauce. No go.

So that was my surf for the weekend.  Awesome.


4 Responses to It sucks being a Weekend Warrior.

  1. christian says:

    Brutal. I stayed dry, too, knowing it was going to be either crowded or windy. What a mess.

  2. whiffleboy says:

    Not me. I got wet. And frustrated.

  3. Yes. This past weekend was so very disappointing. I guess that means that I somehow have to will myself out of bed for a dp session sometime this week. May the force be with me…

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