Gloomy days of winter.

I wondered this morning as a peered out the window at the foggy, gloomy morning if I will ever be able to get myself up and out of bed before work for a quick session now that winter is upon us, or if I am truly destined to be merely a poorly weekend warrior from now til spring?   This time last year I had just had my shoulder surgery (happy one year anniversary to me!) so I was out of the water for all of December, January and February anyhow so it wasn’t a question or issue.  Now, I feel sad by the idea of only being able to surf once or twice a week, and yet I seriously doubt I will be able to pull myself from the warmth of my bed to stumble down to the beach in the cold, dreary, pre-dawn morning for a quick session.  Oh the drama of it all…

On another note, i just learned that my ex’s father just lost one of his eyes to ocular cancer.  Now that’s drama.  Shit.


2 Responses to Gloomy days of winter.

  1. Whiffleboy says:

    It’s tough getting up for a short, cold session during Winter. Especially if the destination is Venice. 😉

  2. venicesurfergirl says:

    Hmmm. Except when it is high tide, peaky, good shape and the sun is out….half glass full optimist that I am.. Here’s hoping.

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