Thanksgiving Surf Report Recap.

A tale of two swells. Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Venice were quite good. Shape was decent with some fun, peaky waves in the waist to chest high size, if not just a bit inconsistent.  I  will confess, however, that I did not paddle out on Thanksgiving Day because I was still a bit sick and I was, ahem, just a bit hung over.  So much for that tradition.  But whatever I missed on Turkey Day I made up for on Friday and Saturday. Had a great time surfing both days with good friends and really enjoyed being out in Venice.

Then the new swell hit on Sunday and Venice was terrible. TERRIBLE I say.  Absolutely closed out with no shoulders to speak of. Water was dirty.  It was foggy and gross and shape was as bad as it gets in Venice. This swell direction was not kind at all to Venice. I heard that Porto was also totally closed out.  I did hear, though, that the PV Cove was going off with sets up to 12ft and good shape. So, there were good waves to be had out there with the swell that hit on Sunday, just not in Venice.

All in all, though, a good weekend for surf.  Back to work.  Back to the grind.


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