The addiction.

Blogging is kind of like a drug addiction – just when you think you can’t do this anymore and you have to give it, walk away, take a break because life gets in the way, or it gets “complicated” or it has worn you out, it has this strange pull that draws you back.   Whatever it was that made you want to express your thoughts and experiences in this way keeps creeping back, and just when you think you have no more to say, you are tapped out, dried up and regurgitating the same material over and over and you finally walk away, well, it never really is over.

Why do I bring this up?  Because I have discovered that a former blogger with a rad site and very witty posts (far more entertaining than my banalities) is back.  After a long hiatus, he has started blogging again, much to my enjoyment.  I, too, took a break for a few months and then came creeping back for more.   It’s the nature of blogging.  It’s the addiction.  It’s the love/hate of it all.  And I’ve seen it time and time again – bloggers who I diligently follow for daily fodder finally throw in the towel and sign off. Yet more often than not, they do come back. I am very happy to see this blogger posting again.

Oh, and I guess because it is raining, surf is on hold.  Hmmm…

Happy Thanksgiving.


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