Surf Check.

Small but beautiful morning.  Felt amazing to breathe in the morning (qualified) fresh air at the beach.  Hmmm.  I’ve missed the water.  Maybe tomorrow.  Yes, definitely tomorrow.  Nomats.


2 Responses to Surf Check.

  1. mark says:


    i got my 1st tattoo on 11/14/08 and found your blog this way. i too wanna surf and am wondering how long should i wait?! i like in kona hawaii and i have passed up some sweeeeet northswells…but i also hurt my shoulder paddling for some big, slow ones on 11/7. my healing takes 2-3weeks so i said why not get a tattoo eh?

    so how long did you wait? have you surfed? how is the tat? i got a big island in bold over my heart and while me, the wife and kid enjoy looking at it-i wanna surf! i swear the day after a tattoo guarantees overhead surf with glassy conditions and perhaps a dolphin or 2 leaping in the distance.

  2. venicesurfergirl says:

    Do you love your first tattoo? Sounds sweet. My tat is totally healed now. I usually wait about two weeks before going back in the water, so you should be good to hit it now. Take it easy with the shoulder tho. I injured my shoulder too and had to have surgery last year. But it’s all good now.

    Aloha and thanks for the note.


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