More on the new tattoo.

I did a quick surf check this morning and it looked really good at the pier.  Beautiful morning, offshore winds, head high waves and decent shape.  The high tide was starting to slow things down and create a bounce, but there were alot of people in the water. And it should only get better later this week.  It is supposed to get warmer and surf is supposed to jump up in size. Of course I can’t surf this week! Of course! Because of the new tattoo, I have to stay out of the water for at least a week to avoid any chance of infection.  Of course!  My timing is impeccable.

Realized I didn’t give a proper shout-out to my tattoo artist, John Saletra, so thought I would throw up this picture of us post-needling.


I heart John so much. He is amazing.  His color work is beyond beautiful, and his artistry is so very personal.  It is only because of him that I continue to get tattoos.  I trust him implicitely.

So, enjoy the surf this week and catch some fun ones for me.


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