Next tattoo.

So I’m getting some more work done on a tattoo I started about a year ago, a tattoo inspired by the Japanese artist, Hokusai, his woodcut The Great Wave.


Recently, I was watching a program on Nova about Fractal Geometry. Fractal Geometry in its simplest description (as best I understood it), is the mathematical discipline that explains the infinite, repetitive patterns found throughout nature.  As you cut and recut and recut a shape infinitely, it never ends, it just gets smaller and smaller and more detailed.

The program then looked at the representation of fractal geometry in art and used The Great Wave as an example…the tiny fingers of the waves repeating over and over at the crest.  Wow.  I was blown away.  So, when I go to see my tattoo artist, John S., I’m going to explain to him that I want more fractal geometry in my tattoo. 🙂


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