The weekend report.

Surfed the pier on Saturday morning.  Had a fun session although the shape did not really deliver anything too desirable. Conditions were very cool, though. Cloudy and moody with offshore winds, but not cold.  There was definitely some swell in the water with sets in the head high + range, but not alot of face to work with.  Still, despite the generally closed out nature of it all, Erin and I both had a few fun waves.   I picked off a few tweeners and got some little turns in while Erin took some of the bigger waves.  Her last wave was head high and she made a fabulous drop, hung close to the face for a few seconds and then straightened out to ride the wave to shore.  We only surfed for about an hour, but had a fun session nonetheless.  Since it rained pretty hard on Saturday afternoon and again in the early morning, decided not to paddle out on Sunday.

Took a quick look at the pier this morning and it looked like crap.  Onshore winds and no shape.

Hopefully with the time change and a little bit more light in the morning before work, I’ll be able to get a session in before work this week.


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