Beautiful day.

Paddled out for a quick session at the pier this morning. It was a spectacular morning with the full moon over the horizon, crisp and clear sky, mountains (and smoke) off in the distrance.  Just beautiful. Surf was, well, just kind of….eh.  Erin and I paddled out to the first peak on the north side of the pier and had it all to ourselves for an hour.  Usually, this peak is packed with the local rippers, but for some reason, no one was on it this morning.  And it wasn’t like it was a bad day.  In fact, it was typical Venice….mostly close outs with a few corners here and there. Erin got the best waves of the morning.  She got at least three good waves that held up although she will argue with me that she only got one really good wave.  I beg to differ.  I pulled into a couple of close outs but did not really have any good waves. Haven’t found my groove since I’ve been back. Still, it was really nice to paddle out, enjoy the morning and get a bit of exercise before work.  No complaints.

p.s. The water isn’t THAT cold.  Didn’t need booties yet.


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