Cold and Windy.

Went down to Bolsa Chica yesterday for a surf since size was down and we kind of figured Huntington might be the place to pull in some waves. Well, there was definitely some waves with good shape, but the winds were howling offshore and the water was cooooold.  Erin snapped a few pictures.

The problem was getting into the waves. They were breaking very slow on the high tide, and the offshore winds made it really hard to paddle into the wave and see anything with the spray flying into the face.

Erin sat on the outside and caught a couple of set waves – one really long left.  I sat on the inside and caught a couple of white water take offs with short drops.  I was definitely out-paddled by longboarders who were also having a tough time catching waves. Wish I had some more board because once you were in the wave, it looked really fun.


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