A few more pictures.

More surfing.

The left went on an on for, like, 200 yards…

Past the boat….still going….

View from my room.

Entrance to the villa where I was staying…

We visited Tavarua for the afternoon one day and then went to check out Cloudbreak.

It was so freakin’ big.  Guys were getting stand-up barrels, but they were also cartwheeling and barrel-rolling off the top of the lip into shallow reef. Not a wave for any amateur weekend warrior type. Only serious pro surfer level guys out here…


2 Responses to A few more pictures.

  1. Erica says:

    Welcome back and your pics are amazing!!! What beautiful water and kick ass waves.

  2. devin bull says:

    some interesting shots you got there.

    I’ve been to Venice a couple of times before.

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