Wanna see what I’ve bookmarked this week that I check, like, every two hours?  Fiji weather update.  Hah!  Crazy thing is that the forecast shows pretty much the exact same temperature every day – high is 86 degrees and low is 66 degrees. I keep checking it because they update it every two hours, but it never really changes.  The low is actually a little lower than I expected, but is perfect for sleeping at night.  Water temp is around 82 degrees.  Ahhh.

Surf forecast – well, Surfline calls for modest SWW swell over the weekend (when I arrive) with a nice swell due to deliver head high + waves by the middle/end of next week – right when I’ll be in optimal reef break surfing shape.

Bought a pair of reef booties even though I loathe the idea of wearing them.  Everyone I’ve talked to, however, said I definitely want to have reef booties because depending on the tides, it can get very shallow on the inside and if you wipe out, you can get stuck standing on the reef and you don’t want to be standing on the reef barefoot.  Ok.  We’ll see if I end up wearing them.  They just won’t look very cute in pictures!


2 Responses to Bookmarked.

  1. whiffleboy says:

    Enjoy yourself. That’s a trip of a lifetime.

  2. venicesurfergirl says:

    Thanks. I’ll post pictures when I’m back.

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