Too Laze.

Tried to get up this morning to meet Annika for a dawnie.  I mean I really tried. Hard.  But I just couldn’t do it. When the alarm and the coffee maker both went off at 5:45 am, I was up and out of bed…for about 15 seconds.  But as quickly as the momentum to go shot me out of bed, it rapidly dissipated and I turned off the coffee maker and the iPod and crawled right back into to bed. Just couldn’t do it.  It was so dark and gloomy and I was just, well, so tired.  I couldn’t even muster the wherewithal to send her a text message to say that I was flaking.  Just crashed. Hard.

When I finally managed to peel my eyes open at about 7 am, I sent her the text I owed her… “2 laze.” I did a quick surf check at the pier about 8:15 am to see what I missed.  Absolutely nothing.  It was utter and total lamesauce. Size is back up and shape is way down.  Close-out city.  Damn SW swells.  Please, please, please can we have some NW swells already.

And for those of you monitoring the countdown – one week from tomorrow and I’m off to Fiji.


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