Better than the gym.

Paddled out at the pier this morning for a quick dawnie with Erin.  It wasn’t good but at least it wasn’t board-breaking heavy.  There were about five guys out on the north side of the pier and no one on the south side.  We started on the north side and Erin picked off a decent left that kind of held up.  After a few more close-outs, we decided to paddle over to the south side and each caught a couple of more waves.  No shape but it still felt good to be in the water.  Beats going to the gym.

Wearing a fullsuit now but the water is not cold.  Not sure where to surf this weekend. South swell is fading but there still might be some head high sets. Hmmm.  Secret spot might be the call.

Watching the contest footage at Trestles this past week just bummed me out because we never get waves like that around here.  So badly want to surf a good, uncrowded wave.  Soon I hope….


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