Not much better.

Did a quick surf check at Venice Breakwater and it was marginally better than the past few days, but only marginally.  Still quite walled up with crappy shape and onshore winds, but not as big and heavy looking. There were about four or five guys out and the ‘tweeners had some shoulders.  I saw a couple of waist high lefts peeling into the bay that looked kinda fun.  I also saw a bunch of dumpy close outs. The call is still lamesauce.

Just got my official travel documents for Fiji.  OMG, OMG, OMG.  Soooo excited.  From the itinerary breakdown:

“Sept 28 – Oct. 3rd – Days at leisure.  From the island you will have the opportunity to surf the breaks of Wilkes Pass, Namotu’s Left and Swimming Pools.  Wilkes and Swimming Pools are both right hand breaks (YES).  Non-fee activities include beach volleyball, hobie cats, kayaks, outrigger, snorkeling, board games, cards, pool, table tennis and kareoke.  You’ll have the opportunity to visit neighboring islands (Tavarua), etc. etc. etc.”

Sweet.  I feel like I am on my hands and knees here at work crawling my way to the departure deadline.  Must make it two more weeks…


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