Not so much.

Hmmm. Well. Surfing was not very good this past weekend.  Paddled out both days at El Porto and it was less than epic to say the least.  Saturday was marginally surfable and you could catch some quick drops with a bottom turn or pig-dog it backside into a little suicide barrel.  Rides were short, but at least makeable.  Sunday, on the other hand, was frankly dreadful.  Erin said she caught two waves where she eeked out something, but I only caught two waves where I exploded into the shallow water.  There was wind swell, but the waves would roll and roll and roll and take forever to break, and then jack up and dump all of a sudden onto the very shallow shelf.  Ugly.  And alot of double ups.  Just not fun.  We only surfed for about 45 minutes and then called it to go watch opening day Sunday football instead.

On a very positive (and cute) note, went to see my little niece, Beatrice, dance at the Greek Festival this past weekend.

She has been Greek dancing at the church for three years now and it is so very cute to watch.  Normally, they wear traditional Greek costumes, but it was just too hot this past weekend. Still very cute.


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