Fun weekend.

Stayed local for surfing all weekend and had fun.  Nothing great, but definitely fun.  Yesterday was the best session of the weekend.  Erin and I paddled out front and there were fun, consistent 2′-3′ waves with occassionally bigger sets, and she caught a million waves.  It was also an annual family beach day and all my family came down with the kids.  We spent the entire day swimming, sponging, body surfing and fortifying ourselves with KFC (best beach food ever).  Nerd #1 made a brief appearance too for a swim and a breast.    The good news is that the tides are shifting back to a higher tide in the morning, and we are definitely starting to see more water in Vence which makes it surfable again.  A few more weeks and Venice might even start to get (cough) good.  Is is possible?  Yes, I know it is.  The summer will soon be over and the low tide morning drainage crap will also soon be over as well.  Thank God.


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