Not this morning.

Didn’t bother to get up this morning for a dawny. Dark, dreary and onshore winds. No thanks.  I forgot to turn off my 5:30 am alarm, however, so had the iPod go off despite not wanting to get up to surf.  Damn, I hate when that happens. Fortunately, I was able to roll over and quickly go back to sleep like it never happened.  Had a very strange and vivid dream after that – I was at Horizon’s West Surf Shop and desperately wanted to buy a Scott Anderson “Massie” fish and they didn’t have any in stock.  I kept pulling board after board out from their racks, and couldn’t find one that I wanted.  I told Randy (the owner of Horizon’s West) that I was ready to buy two or three board on the spot if I could only find ones that I wanted.  Nothing.  It was a total stress dream.  Really? About buying surfboards?  At Horizon’s West?  Hmmmm.  Need to think about that one for a bit…


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