Small but kinda fun.

Had a short but fun little session this morning in Venice, small being the operative word here. Waves were about 1 -3 foot, but had a little shape. Conditions were nice – glassy and water not too cold (maybe a couple of degrees colder than it’s been). I was out early enough to have access to a couple of peaks with only about five other people out for close to an hour. The crowds descended about 7:45 am, but by then I had had plenty of little (did I mention it was small) waves and was ready to get out.

I ran into a guy I know this morning at my local breakfast joint who has been to Namotu. I talked to him briefly about the breaks and his only recommendation is that I try to paddle as much as possible prior to going to get in really good paddle condition. He said that when there is a swell, there is a strong current so you have to paddle constantly to stay in position, and then the waves are so long, it is a very long paddle back to the line up. I’ve been trying to build up my strength but in doing so, have aggravated my bicep tendon (where I had surgery) and now have a bit of tendinitis going on. Shit. I got a treatment on it Saturday and I know I have to now rest it a bit, but I also need to build up strength. This trip is going to really let me know the state of affairs regarding the ultimate success of my shoulder surgery. So far, things have been good, but I fatigue easily and now it is sore. Sucks.


2 Responses to Small but kinda fun.

  1. Christian says:

    I despise the aging process with the intensity of a thousand suns. Something is always sore…

  2. Whiffleboy says:

    A nice cortisone injection for the trip, kiddo.

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