Yay surfing.

Happy to write that I once again love surfing. Had two very fun sessions this weekend and got my surf stoke back. Whew. That really was a bad spell there, but all is right with the universe again. Paddled out locally in Venice on Saturday morning and it was not by any means good, but it was surfable and I had a fun time. Caught a bunch of short dumpy waves, but managed to get a couple of turns in here and there, and just really enjoyed the water. On Sunday, did a little road trip up to Ventura with Nerd #1 and longboarded at C-Street. Sooo fun. C-Street is kind of like Sunset only with about 1/4 of the people and those who are out know how to surf. We were out for over two hours and both caught a ton of fun, waist-high waves with long rides. Long. I am totally out of my groove on my longboard and my cross stepping technique is so bad now, but I managed a few steps here and there, and on some of the bigger set waves, tried to slap my longboard around like I was on a shortboard. Annika was cracking up at me the entire time because she is so used to seeing me shortboard. Fun times. Ventura is awesome. And while we did wear fullsuits, the water was not that cold. I expected much colder up north. Not bad at all.


2 Responses to Yay surfing.

  1. Christian says:

    I go back and forth between short and long, too. I can never figure out which one I love more. But yeah, the transition is a little awkward! Glad you had a fun time. 🙂

  2. British Paul says:

    Yeah she said you guys had fun! I’m sorry i missed it.. Hopefully next time!

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