Really? Could it be any worse?

I got up for a dawn patrol this morning and drove down to El Porto thinking it must be marginally better than Venice. Right? Wrong! It was not surfable.

Here is a beautiful shot from my cell phone. 2 – 3 foot waves breaking on about 1 foot of water. There were actually alot of people suiting up in the parking lot to paddle out and I was amazed because I did not see one ridable wave. I really did try to give it a chance. Hell, I was already up and down there. I stood in the parking lot for 1/2 hour and told myself if I saw anything I could possibly ride, I would paddle out. Nope. Nothing. Please, put me out of my misery.


4 Responses to Really? Could it be any worse?

  1. Christian says:

    That is so assy. Surfing in this city is just so brutal.

  2. whiffleboy says:

    I did the Venice to Topanga check (and back). Futile. Bring on Fall.

  3. Yes. Tis the bleakest of times.

  4. surfsister says:

    I wasn’t even going to waste my gas looking for anything this morning. I went to the pool and got a good workout. If I’d looked for surf, I’d be sitting here pissed off.

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