Managed to pull off a dawny.

After a couple of days of being totally down and out, I managed to pull myself out of bed and paddle out before work this morning. I decided to give El Porto a try since I knew that Venice would be total and utter crap. El Porto, frankly, wasn’t much better. Mostly dumpy close-outs on the very low tide. Still, there were a few racey corners here and there, and it did feel good to be out in the water paddling. Water temp is very nice and after several days of being in a total black hole, more than anything, I just needed to get wet. It is a good way to start the day and actually seems to give me more energy at work afterwards.  Probably will be better later this morning with the higher tide.


2 Responses to Managed to pull off a dawny.

  1. Christian says:

    Sometimes it’s damn near impossible to get motivated to paddle out in crap surf. I just lay in bed this morning, staring at the ceiling and asking that eternal question, “Is it really worth trying to out-position 10 other guys at Topanga for a 2′ dribbler?”

    I slept in.

  2. Well, you certainly didn’t miss anything. I don’t know what’s worse – the paddle battle at the point breaks or the crappy close outs at the beach breaks? It has been so long since I’ve had a really good session – unlike you who just came from near empty CR! No fair.

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