Why is it that?

Why is it that when you have really high expectations for something, it just never delivers? Never? I finally got Erin to get up at the crack-ass of dawn yesterday to drive down to Blacks, promising her perfect A-frame waves. Blacks is always good. It is one of the best waves in all of Cali, that and probably Trestles. I haven’t surfed it a ton, but it has always been good when I have. Yesterday, however, was pretty crappy. Of course. The waves were very sectiony and not the usual A-frames that Blacks delivers. Plus, it was super crowded. Alot of hotshot rippers paddling for every wave. I still managed to get some waves, but it was very disappointing, especially after making the long drive down at so early in the morning. Argh.


One Response to Why is it that?

  1. nerd #1 says:

    because i wasn’t with you…you should know better. miss you.

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