Living at the beach rocks.

Ok. I was supposed to get up for a dawny this morning, but when the alarm went off at 5:45 am, I just couldn’t pull myself out of bed. I was tired – I mean really tired – and it’s now dark at that time. No way. I rolled over and went back to sleep for another hour. I have a feeling I didn’t miss much.

On a positive note, however, I met up with a friend for dinner last night and we were supposed to ride our bikes to Santa Monica together, but when I did a bike check, I had a flat tire and my bike was toast. So instead, I grabbed by skateboard and she ended up towing me all the way to Santa Monica on my skateboard. On the way back to Venice from Santa Monica, we switched up so she could have a turn at the tow skateboarding… Imagine if you will: one girl on a bike towing another girl on a skateboard down Main Street at 10:00 pm. Fuuuun. Way fun. Beyond fun. Love living at the beach fun.


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