I heart summer.

Had two fantabulous beach days this past weekend chalk full of surfing and sponging. Got up on Saturday and surfed the pier for about two hours – conditions were kind of sketch, but the water was so warm and there were some short rides on the smaller waves. Nothing exciting but I had fun. Then in the afternoon, met up with a friend and went back to the beach for a sponge session – super fun. Sponging in the afternoon, black-balled, blown out crap surf is a blast. Alot of water time. Nice beach day.

Sunday morning headed back down to Bolsa Chica hoping for a little hurricane swell action. Waves were small, though, and the water was quite cold. We both brought short boards and when we saw the surf, we knew we were kind of screwed because there were a million people out all on longboards. Then we ran into some guys from Venice who had longboards, so we borrowed one of their boards and ended up having a couple of fun go-outs. Water was chilly and we didn’t have wetsuits, so our sessions were a bit on the short side. Still, we paddled out twice for surf, had some sandwiches and then went out again for s sponge session. Another beautiful beach day. Aaahhhh, summer…


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