A semi-gun? Really?

So I thought I had it worked out as to which boards I am going to take with me to Fiji – my 6’4″ Alien which is my all around, every kind of wave, go-to board; my 6’5″ Alien as a back up board which is also slightly thicker/wider and better for small waves; and then my 6″4″ performance board with more rocker and a pulled in nose in case it is bigger and steeper. I have surfed these boards in waves up to about 8′- 10′ both in Mexico and at Blacks, so I know they handle bigger waves.

But what about 10′ + throwing reef break waves? A couple of people I’ve talked to say I need a semi-gun (like a 6’10” narrow pintail) in the quiver. Really? Will I even paddle into a throwing 10+ reef break performance wave (probably not without my co-conspirator, who will sadly not be there yelling at me to “go pussy”)? Then again, this is a trip of a lifetime, so I better just sak-up and go for it even if it is big and barreling. Oy. Now what do I do? I am only bringing three boards. I’ve looked at all of the pictures on the website and no one is riding a semi-gun.

I don’t want to buy a board that I will probably never use or use only once. I know my boards in my quiver. I am comfortable on all of them. I figure if it is that big and I do convince myself to paddle out, there will be someone on the island from whom I can borrow a board. Well I have about six weeks to ponder this dilemma.


One Response to A semi-gun? Really?

  1. British Paul says:

    I’d be worried enough about going on some 10ft+ sucking reef, without having to think about if I’d chosen the right board for the occassion.. A lot to be said for using a board you are comfortable on!

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