Oh the sameness of it all.

Paddled out at Venice Breakwater this morning for a dawn patrol session, and it was total crap. Caught a handful of close outs, but once again, told myself that I just needed to be out there paddling in preparation for Fiji. Since Venice surf report is just so depressingly bad, you know what that means? Time to revert to my other blog subject of late…yes, you guessed it…time for another “girl of summer.”

Today’s selection is 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and current World Record holder in the 100m backstroke, Natalie Coughlin.

Natalie, as do most competitive swimmers, has some serious arms, lats, and shoulder muscles going on. I happen to be big fan of broad shoulders and small waists – the quintessential swimmer’s body.

Plus, she looks good in a cute pair of jeans – also my favorite look.


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