Back on point this morning.

Surf report for Venice pier this morning – 1 -3 foot with onshore winds blowing early. Sucky. Three guys out on either side.

Surfed El Porto both days this weekend. Paddled out on Saturday at about 8:00 am and for about half-an-hour it was pretty good. The onshore winds were already blowing but the surface was still pretty calm. There was a combo southwest ground swell mixed with some northwest wind swell which made for pretty fun, consistent, shoulder high waves…mostly lefts. But by 8:30, the winds were blowing harder and it quickly turned to a sloppy mess. By 9:00 am it was barely surfable.

Paddled out again at about 8:00 am on Sunday and the wind swell had dropped off which left only a southwest ground swell with super long lulls in between sets. Had a couple of really fun, speed lefts when I first paddled out, but then spent the next 1 1/2 hours fighting the current, trying to stay in position, and doing a hell of alot of paddling for just a few more crappy waves. I decided to just try to keep paddling to work on strength and stamina since I am still not really totally recovered from my shoulder surgery. Yes, I do feel much better, but I still fatigue easily and the shoulder starts to hurt/ache when I am tired. I figure I need to get up my strength in case I end up jumping on a last minute trip to Namotu. Anything could happen.


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