I just have to say it.

I just have to. I HATE the smell of patchouli. I think it must be one of the most nauseating and rancid scents I know – even worse than that of the smell of steaming brussel sprouts. There I said it. I know this might be quite polarizing and offend many people, but I just couldn’t hold that in any longer. And another thing – I am never going to go to Burning Man. Never been, never will go. Camping in a hot, dusty desert with a bunch of wacko, patchouli-wearing hippies making art and music? I think I’d rather slit my wrist. So now you know where I stand on those two issues.

Surfing this past weekend just plain sucked (can I really keep typing that sentence over and over for the next two months?). Paddled out at Porto on Saturday morning and it was 1 -2 foot with onshore bump and no shape. Decided to pass on a Sunday go-out because there was nothing.

Feeling restless and need to go on a surf trip soon. Might just try to jump on a last minute trip to Namotu in September. Anything could happen.


One Response to I just have to say it.

  1. I dunno if it is just my computer, but I could not click on your about me page for some reason. The header text is very large and overlaps the tab making it unable to be clicked. Please disregard if this is not the case on your screen. Toodles 🙂

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