Downtown Art Walk and surfing just don’t mix.

If you live in Venice, or anywhere on the Westside, or anywhere in Los Angeles for that matter, you may not know, but there is a vibrant happening nightlife scene going on in the “new” Downtown. Oh so groovy bars, restaurants, lounges, dives, clubs, whatever, are popping up all over Downtown and there is a real urban scene going on. Every second Thursday of the month is the Downtown Art Walk. There are about a dozen or so galleries all located in a few blocks radius, and on these Thursday nights, they stay open late in the name of promoting art. Promoting art? Hmmm. Yeah, sure. Really, it is one big ol’ friggin block party with thousands of trendy HTM’s parading around, drinking, smoking, doing their thing, and it is off the hook.

Honestly, the thought of partying east of the 405 freeway generally would be a deal breaker for me (I just don’t need a DUI at this point), but because of my work, I have a client located in the heart of this Downtown Art Walk, so I am obligated to go each month for “work”. Well I’m not going to elaborate exactly on what that “work” entails, but let’s just say that it makes trying to get up to surf the next morning virtually impossible.

I did try to get up to do a DP surf once while still drunk, and when I paddled out, there was some swell in the water and it was kind of sloppy/choppy so there was alot of bobbing and bouncing going on. After about five minutes of sitting out in the line up, I literally got sea-sick and threw up in the water. Awesome! Let’s just say that after that, I’ve learned my lesson and I do not try to surf the morning after Art Walk.

Thankfully, as I rolled out of bed onto the floor this morning at about 8:30 am to try to drag myself to work, I did not feel any sense of remorse for missing my DP session because I knew that Venice surf today would be….yes….wait for it….lamesauce.


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