BP has a blog.

In case you were wondering what the difference is between thoughts on surf from a venice surfer girl vs thoughts on surf from a british bloke, well now you can follow BP’s blog from the UK- sick puppy! You will see one glaring similarity, however; we both feature nerd #1 (Annika) obsessively on our blog.

But don’t get too hooked on his UK surf blog because he is moving here in October, so he and I will then be competing forces in the venice surfing blog world.

Quick weekend recap – surfed with Annika and Mike D. at the venice pier on July 4th. There was some swell, but it was pretty fast and dumpy, and I surfed like crap. Being ridiculously hung over, though, did not help. Kids, surfing and partying just do not mix. Surfed Zuma yesterday and it was really fun. It was also a fast dumpy wave, but the shoulders did hold up and as the tide filled in, it got really fun. Water temp was really cold up there – around 60 degrees – and a fullsuit was in order (we’re in July, folks?).


One Response to BP has a blog.

  1. nerd #1 says:

    now i have TWO favourite bloggers…

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