The evolution of a word according to Annika.

Annika FINALLY came home last night from England. It seemed like she was gone forever. I picked her up at the airport and she was pretty exhausted but said she had a fantastic time in England/France with BP.

So here is an example of why Annika is soooo awesome. She has this amazing ability to morph words into her own ak-speak and everyone around still knows exactly what she is saying – the word in question is “sketch”. The evolution is as follows:

Sketch to skooch to skooch-manouch to manooch to manooshes, to manooshay (the last incarnation influenced by her recent trip to France, although, technically it should be manooshe with an accent over the last e). The beautiful thing is that we all now say manooches and it makes perfect sense in our world. Please use the word in a sentence you asK? “How was the surf today? It was manooches!” Yes, we paddled out together at VBW and the surf was sketch. There was a little swell but not very good shape. it was still too low tide and probably got better later in the morning as the tide filled in, but alas, some of us had to get to work. Siiiigh.


2 Responses to The evolution of a word according to Annika.

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  2. […] new to write about. Ok. Here it is. Surf in Venice this morning was manoosh. And I am not going to revert to my other new topic by posting a picture of another hot Olympic […]

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