Swell is good somewhere.

July 31, 2008

Just not here in Venice. Size is up. Shape is down. Head north. Head south. Anywhere but here. We were also supposed to see a high pressure pattern set up over SoCal for some warm, off-shore winds this weekend, but now that damn Catalina Eddy has won the power-struggle and is creating more morning gloom and onshore texture. Not too promising.

Re: “girls of summer” – since I was talking yesterday about my appreciation of the swimmer’s body, let’s just throw in the entire U.S. Olympic Women’s swim team. Here are a few stand-outs worth mentioning:

Amanda Beard. What? I just find and post the pictures.

Caroline Burckle. How adorable is that smile. Go Team USA.


Oh the sameness of it all.

July 30, 2008

Paddled out at Venice Breakwater this morning for a dawn patrol session, and it was total crap. Caught a handful of close outs, but once again, told myself that I just needed to be out there paddling in preparation for Fiji. Since Venice surf report is just so depressingly bad, you know what that means? Time to revert to my other blog subject of late…yes, you guessed it…time for another “girl of summer.”

Today’s selection is 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and current World Record holder in the 100m backstroke, Natalie Coughlin.

Natalie, as do most competitive swimmers, has some serious arms, lats, and shoulder muscles going on. I happen to be big fan of broad shoulders and small waists – the quintessential swimmer’s body.

Plus, she looks good in a cute pair of jeans – also my favorite look.

What lies beneath.

July 29, 2008

Every surfer has a fear of sharks. I don’t care what they say. If there is a dark shadow lurking below the surface, there is always that moment of “oh fuck.” is that a shark?” Adrenaline surges and heart pounds – even if only for a second. In honor of every surfer in the lineup, it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Let it roll.

I did it.

July 28, 2008

I booked my trip for Namotu. Years in the making. Finally just decided to stop talking about it and just do it. One week on an island of 20 surfers max, three gourmet meals per day, five world-class surf breaks with boats and surf guides running all day long, white sand beaches, pool, snorkeling, lounging, drinking = heaven. So now I am in “training.” As a friend said, I need to grab a big rock and start underwater running. Well, I just need to try to surf and paddle as much as possible over the next two months (leave at the end of September). I am also going to try to do few trips down to Blacks over the next month or so because that is a good wave and a good place to practice backside barrels (I’m regular foot).

As for surfing this past weekend – not very good. Saturday at Porto saw some head high waves but with poor shape. Sunday at Porto was absolute shite. Size dropped to knee – waist high and even worse shape. I just told myself that I needed to be out there paddling.

Homage to Gillian Anderson.

July 25, 2008

Or rather, an homage to my friend Erin. The eternal nerd friend Erin loves X-files and Gillian Anderson almost as much as she loves Star Wars and Carrie Fisher (or maybe even more – I’ll have to ask her about that). So, in honor of her obsession and the opening of the movie, I have to link over to Dorothy Snarker’s post today who apparently shares in this communal obsession (appreciation).

I called about Namotu yesterday to see if I might be able to get on a trip last minute and there is a spot open in September. I think i’m gonna do it.

Something new to write about.

July 23, 2008

Ok. Here it is. Surf in Venice this morning was manoosh. And I am not going to revert to my other new topic by posting a picture of another hot Olympic girl because I can’t keep doing that everyday. Please, I’m not that shallow (ok, who am I kidding? Yes, I am that shallow but am trying to show some restraint here). So today I will write about my morning beach walk. How fucking exciting is THAT! Hold on, folks. We’re talking walking here.

Met up with nerd #1 this morning for a beach walk. We decided to not do a nomats session because we knew it would just be bad. Instead, we went for an hour long walk which, actually, felt great. I feel like a pair of old women when we meet up to walk at so early in the morning (so not my style – I’m all about doing STUFF – surfing, skating, playing sports, riding bikes, drinking), but it was really nice to do a brisk walk and talk and catch up. Plus, who at 32 – that’s HER age :-), gets up at the ass-crack of dawn to walk? No one I know. But it is a great way to start the morning and an even better way to bond with a good friend. So if that is what I have to look forward to when I am old (oh wait, I am old – I mean really old), then I like it. Alot.

Forecast calls for more absolute sauce of lameness.

July 21, 2008

I already know surf is going to suck tomorrow morning in Venice because of the morning low tide. So let’s just skip surf talk and get into more girls of summer.

US soccer player Natasha Kai. There are very many reasons why I’m posting about her, but one of the main reasons is that she is from Hawaii and is (allegedly) a really good surfer. HOT. She has the requisite tattoos that I love, she is a SOCCER player which I also love (for the record, I’m not going to be posting any synchronized swimmers here even if they are hot – I’m just not), and she is of a blended heritage (Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino and white) which I find very attractive.  Yep.  A very nice girl of summer.