Surfing this past weekend (for BP and AK).

Just ok. Paddled out at Porto on Saturday morning. There was already onshore winds kind of junking it up. Shape was pretty poor and waves were only in the waist to chest high size. I caught a bunch of stoopid waves that left me feeling very unsatisfied. There was also a very big backwash from the outgoing tide that caused alot of bounce? I got launched several times after the drop… I just wanted to get some shoulders to work with, but never really got any decent turns in.

Sunday I did a check at the pier, and again, the onshore winds were already blowing and there was some SSW swell, so everything looked chunky and closed out. I was not in the mood for crappy Venice suicide barrels, so decided to drive up PCH to see what else was going on. Mostly because I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to drive, I ended up at Sunset. It was high tide (not a high high tide though) so alot of waves weren’t breaking and, again, there was a bounce coming back off the rocks. And I was on my shortboard surrounded by all longboarders (I know, it’s Sunset – I wasn’t really planning on surfing there), so that also kind of put me at a disadvantage. Still, I did get a handful of ok waves that held up for a few turns. At least I didn’t get my ass handed to me (like I would have in Venice).


2 Responses to Surfing this past weekend (for BP and AK).

  1. annika says:

    i miss you!!!!! i wanna go to crappy sunset with you. where for the nomats on thursday? i need it.

  2. christian says:

    It has been pretty poor the past few days. My past four sessions have included County Line, Topanaga and Staircase and it was pretty feeble. Surprisingly, Sunset was working for a week during that last good swell. (June 16-21)

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