Paddled out at the pier.

Eh…met up for a quick surf with Erin this morning before work. It was, once again, pretty sketch. Erin caught a bunch of waves, but as she said to me after about her fifth wave, she had yet to see any face time. Likewise, I never got any face to work with…just a handful of close outs. Ah, Venice in the summer.

So Erin is this ridiculously insane Star Wars nerd. She knows everything there is to know about every single film, has seen them all a million times, and is fluent in Yoda-speak. Me? Not so much. If she makes a reference to the dark side or a death star, I kind of know what she’s talking about, but beyond that, I’m useless. She just moved recently into the neighborhood, and I think I’ve just found her the perfect housewarming present:

Isn’t this rad? I’m going to get it framed for her to hang right over her bed. Yes, I am that kind of friend.


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