Venice Pier this morning @ 8:30 am

Once again there is a serious lack of water in Venice, but there were still some ok waist high waves coming off the peak at the pier this morning. That one peak looked decent, but the rest of the beach (both north and south side) looked pretty dumpy. There was some onshore bump going on too, but not too bad. Damn Catalina Eddies!

So this guy standing on the pier who recognized me started talking to me with the saddest story. He told me his 18 year-old-son just died a week ago and they were going to be doing a paddle out for him this weekend. I kind of assumed it was an o.d. or drunk driving accident (that’s what I think of when I hear about an 18 year-old dying) but when I finally asked how he died, he said he was a car fanatic and just got a new car, was working on it (underneath it) in his girlfriend’s garage up on blocks, and the car somehow fell on him and crushed him. How sad (and random) is that? Wow. So sad. Can’t imagine being a parent and losing a child so young. Then again, I can’t even imagine being a parent at this point.


One Response to Venice Pier this morning @ 8:30 am

  1. christian says:

    I have a friend who is friend’s with the young man’s mom. What a terrible, terrible story. 😦 We just heard about it last night.

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