Venice Breakwater

Paddled out today at VBW….there wasn’t any skooling going on this morning. Surf was waist high, low tide and dumpy. There were a few corners but I didn’t catch much of anything to write about. Caught a couple of fast dumpy waves with nowhere to go, went over the falls and landed on my ass in two feet of water – awesome. At least the water is warm.

Met up for drinks last night with nerd #3. He’s been MIA because he was down in SD for ten days working. He said he paddled out a couple of times and went body surfing a bunch. We were talking about how warm the water is now (especially in SD) and that you almost don’t need a wetsuit. He said he can’t wait to paddle out with me with no wetsuit so that when I drop in on him, he can see my ass in just a bikini bottom. How can I not love a guy who let’s me drop in on him and loves it 🙂 He’s going to be getting his blog on soon – paddleface – so stay tuned. I’ll definitely be giving him some link love.


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