For all the wannabe surfer girls.

It’s summer. It’s hot. Everyone wants to learn to surf. For all you city girls who think it will be soooo fuuuun to surf and meet cute guys, here is your chance: surf day in Manhattan Beach!

Join dozens of Sex In The City Girls with their favorite Kate Spade summer tote at this all female weekend surf camp.

In all seriousness, it is highly recommended to take a few surf lessons before trying to paddle out into the line up and learn to surf. You really should know some basic safety and surf etiquette to understand the rules of the line up, how to manage your board, how not to hurt other surfers (what you do to yourself is your own problem), and general paddling technique.

Surfing is very hard. It takes alot of practice. Summer is when everyone wants to try surfing. It gets very crowded. Take some lessons. Practice away from the crowds. Have patience.


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