Netflix for surfboards.

A friend found a new website that she forwarded to me, and now we are onto something very cool…a sort of Netflix-for-surfboards subscription service –

The concept is great – sign up for a monthly subscription and then have access to demo all sorts of boards. Every serious surfer I know gets neurotic compulsive about what their next board should be because they don’t want to throw money down blindly on a board they end up not liking, and yet you can’t really ever test drive the board to see if you like it before you purchase it…that is until now. This place seems to have a good stock of diverse boards to choose from and many different subscription/ commitment plans. Personally, I’ve been dying to try the Firewire and almost bought one, but at $750 a pop, I opted instead to go with my regular shaper when I bought my last board. Now I can demo the Firewire, and many others too. Want to try a quad? They have it. Want to try a carbon fiber board? They have it.

The best thing about this service is that it is located in the Marina Del Rey so picking up and dropping off boards is no problem at all.


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