Pink is the new…oh nevermind.

Just got a new wetsuit in the mail that I ordered online from Hotline Wetsuits. I specified in the color preference that I wanted “all black” because I’m not really a showy kind of girl. What did they send? A black wetsuit with a hot pink (very 80’s) accent around the neck and on the sleeves. No all black. So now, not only will I be very visible in the water because of my platinum blond (white) hair, but I will also be screaming out with pink bursting from the arms and neck. Ugh. So much for anonymity while surfing. Just look for the skinny girl with the white hair in the florescent pink wetsuit. Oh you mean the one that just when head first over the falls? Yeah, that’s her.

I just showed the wetsuit around the office to my office mates, though, and they all encouraged me to keep the wetsuit and rock the pink. So pink it is. Rad.


One Response to Pink is the new…oh nevermind.

  1. Erica says:

    HOT! 80s is super in right now! We are seeing tons and tons of it in the summer and fall lines at Pac Sun.

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