A tale of two days.

Saturday = RAD (see caps…really RAD).

Sunday= lamesauce (sauce of lameness).

Let me elaborate.

Met nerd #1 and nerd #3 (Mike) at Porto on Saturday and it was great. Head high plus windswell/south swell combo, good shape, no wind, glassy, sunny. Had a handful of really fun waves (head high plus drops with some face time). Surfed my new board (6’4″ Guy O). Love it. Awesome session. I love surfing. Right?

Went back to Porto on Sunday with nerd #1 (nerd #3 had to work) and it sucked! Onshore winds, cold, crappy shape, sloppy/choppy surface. Wave count for the morning? One wave – drop, close out, straight to shore. Argh. I hate surfing, Right?

And so it goes…


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