Hello lovelies. I’m back.

Hi. Remember me? Well I’ve decided it’s time to start blogging again. Here’s the problem though. I was out surfing this morning with nerd #1 and she asked me when am I going to start blogging again, and I realized that now that I am back surfing a ton (post-surgery), I’ve lost my motivation to blog. While I was injured and not surfing (or surfing very little), it was this blog that kept me connected to surfing. I felt compelled to do surf check and write about it. I couldn’t actually paddle out, but at least I was in the mix. Now, I am paddling out 4 – 5 days a week and feeling really good, so I don’t need to write about it. I’m just doing it.

So I am going to make an effort again to start posting and see how far I go with it. It will probably be less frequent than before, but we’ll see.

Surf conditions this morning at the pier – very fun but kinda ugly if you know what I mean. Because of the low tide, shoulders were few and fast. Caught a bunch of dumpy waves but didn’t get much face time on any of them. Nerd #1 and I were surfing next to a really good surfer who kept making it look really easy. I hate those guys. He was getting into everything and finding shoulders. Me, I kept popping up and getting behind the whitewater or just plain old getting tossed. Nerd? Well she was feeling a bit lazy this morning and didn’t really paddle for much. But boy did she look cute just sitting out there yawning….

I have to start blogging again for her, though, because she is going to England soon to see Nerd #2 (BP) and will need updates from Venice. That’s my story. Very non-committal, but that seems to be a pattern in my life these days. Don’t get too attached. “I’m just into have sex.Β  Not into making love…”


4 Responses to Hello lovelies. I’m back.

  1. Erica says:

    Hi! I just noticed a few new posts of yours in my bloglines reader! Welcome back. I’m on a break too, but just cuz the snowboard season’s over. Now *I* need to get out surfing more too πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Erica. Well yes I am blogging again…for now. We’ll see how long the inspiration lasts πŸ™‚ How is the new apartment in Redondo? Are you loving South Bay?

  3. nerd #1 says:

    WELCOME back. missed you

  4. British Paul says:

    Welcome back! At last, something to read at work…

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