Rancho Cugamonga or bust

Got up super early this morning to meet Annika for a surf before work, and I am happy to report that I caught waves! Several! We paddled out before the high tide swamped everything, and had a fun peak mostly to ourselves. Yes, I was up and riding and making turns. Still a bit wobbly on my feet, but I feel like I turned the corner this morning and am getting my groove back. Of course let’s not forget the awesome entry I made into the shore-pound and got bitch slapped onto my ass. Love that. But hey, I caught waves.

On another note, I have to advise that, due to some personal reasons, I am taking a break from blogging for awhile. I really appreciate all of those who have been reading and commenting on my blog, and I am NOT totally out of the game, I am just putting myself on the bench for awhile. Please check back in a couple of months because I WILL BLOG AGAIN.

For now, from beautiful Rancho Cugamonga, I’m out.


4 Responses to Rancho Cugamonga or bust

  1. Erica says:


    Glad to hear you’re getting the groove back… but sad you’re taking a blog break! I’ll email u – I wanna hear what’s up! Hang in there girl… hope all is OK.

  2. annika says:

    i miss you already!!!

    cheers from the ranch…

  3. British Paul says:

    What will I read now..?!

  4. i’m a little slow on the draw, but that should come as no surprise to you. christina, i barely knew thee. sorry i’m so daft. had i known (or thought to ask) that you were up to this brilliant blog i would have read you religiously. i already worship you. not completely clear on your status but will now make discovering it a priority. but what a delight venice surfer girl is!

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