Tahoe this past weekend

Went up to Tahoe this past weekend to go boarding with some friends. We stayed at this rad “hotel” called The Block. Well let’s call it what it really is, though; a modified motel that they’ve dressed up to be cool and fun.


They sell themselves as the first hotel made by a snowboarder for snowboarders. What does that mean? Just that the hip factor is way up. When you walk up to the check-in desk, there is a cute girl covered in tats who hands you a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon to sip on while waiting to check in and get your keys to the room. There is a pool table, PS2 set up and hip hop music piped in throughout the entire complex, with groovy snowboarders hanging around. The vibe is super fun, but the accommodations are EcoLodge all the way down the line. The Four Seasons it is not. The location was great – right across the street from the casinos and within walking distance to the Gondola up the mountain.

As for the snowboarding? Well, the first day was absolutely fantastic. Warm, sunny with great snow conditions and no crowds. We got in plenty of runs. The next two days, however, were a bust because of wind. They ended up shutting down 80% of the mountain due to high winds which meant there were a million people crowded onto the 1/2 dozen opens runs. The gondola next to our motel was closed altogether, so we had to take a shuttle to the other side of the mountain where there were a million people trying to get up on the hill. We took one look at the massive lines and said screw it. So we ended up drinking and gambling instead which was a total blast. After three days of gambling (mostly black jack), I only lost about$120. Given the amount of alcohol consumed, however, it was a break even weekend (even if we only ended up boarding for one day).


4 Responses to Tahoe this past weekend

  1. Erica says:

    There’s a “The Block” hotel in Big Bear too, that I wanted to check out… I have heard it is pretty bare-bones though. Wonder if the Bear one is worth it. Sounds like you had the perfect location though!

    I bet you didn’t meet any wooly mammoth mascots though 😉

  2. Erica says:

    oh, I forgot to comment on the bummer that you got winded out. Same happened to us, as you saw! Argh, mama nature!

  3. British Paul says:

    Hey! Enjoying some good Colorado snow right now.. Mostly been sunny but the last few days have been cold and snowing. Will be out to Venice for a surf real soon!


  4. Paddled out with Nerd #1 this morning. Can’t wait to surf with you this weekend! Enjoy the rest of your week in Colorado.

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