Pictures from Pier Today

The pier looked super fun this morning. 3 – 5 foot and good shape. A little slow on the high tide (seems like I’ve been writing that phrase alot lately), but good. I took a few pictures, but once again, my camera shut down after about the third shot because of low batteries, so I missed a bunch of super fun looking waves.





2 Responses to Pictures from Pier Today

  1. Grace says:

    I’m a wuss when it comes to rain run-off. If I had a nomats session planned, it would be called “nomatsexceptforrain”

  2. I selectively seem to take issue with urban runoff. I’m of the school of thought, however, that by the middle of winter when it has already rained alot, there can’t be THAT much crap flowing into the ocean. I may be drowning in my own words. We’ll see…

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