Nomats Session for Saturday

Have a nomats session scheduled for Saturday so I can’t be a wuss. A nomats session means we have to paddle out no matter what. That includes gale force winds, squalls, hail storms, tornadoes, cyclones, flat surf, macking surf, close outs, everything. Ok, maybe if it involves putting our lives in danger we could pass, but really, it is no matter what. I say that for a nomats session, you can’t even do surf check first before paddling out. You show up, put your wetsuit on and go. Annika says that we can look at the surf first, but just can’t let it sway our resolve to paddle out. We’re still fighting about that one.

On a separate matter, BP has a birthday this weekend so happy b-day BP.  Can’t wait to see you next month!


4 Responses to Nomats Session for Saturday

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  2. annika says:

    did i really say that?

    –guess who

  3. British Paul says:

    Thanks! I am off surfing for the weekend to celebrate.. Looks like a good swell. Then I will be packing for my US tour which starts on Tuesday in Colorado! Then I will be out West soon after.. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Will there be surf?

  4. Nomats, nerd!!!! Double overhead or die…

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