Cold and small!

Venice pier surf report today – see above. A few out, but you need a bigger board to catch something. Burrrrr. How is it that I used to paddle out in the freezing cold dead of winter? I am such a wuss. Where did that girl go? I did paddle out for a quick session yesterday morning before work, but the sun was out. Waiting for the weekend when the weather is supposed to warm back up a bit. I know BP is thinking, “you don’t EVEN know cold, girl!” I know, it’s not even that cold. Like I said. Wuss.


4 Responses to Cold and small!

  1. Erica says:

    LOL… I have the lowest tolerance for cold… can barely go out without even a spring suit if the water is 67 or below 😉

  2. British Paul says:

    I was kind of thinking that.. But i am real glad that you are getting out in the water again! Hopefully surf with you in a few weeks.. BP.

  3. Yes. Can’t wait to see you, although not as much as Nerd #1 🙂

  4. surfsister says:

    It truly sucked. It wasn’t worth the paddle out.

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