Boarding with the boss…

Was great!


Ok, technically, he doesn’t even snowboard. He is a skier. But am I complaining? Hell no. We had a great time. The conditions were perfect. Sunny warm day. Not too crowded. Snow was exceptionally good for local mountains. We were on the hill from about 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. Back to town before traffic was too heavy. All in all a great day. We actually talked work alot and strategized about a number of clients and the future of the company, but this sure beats sitting in his office for strategy meetings. And the best thing about the day? My shoulder felt great. No pain whatsoever. I was super careful not to fall, didn’t go on any jumps, jibs, rainbows or flowers (like I could even ever attempt the rainbow), but more than anything, it was a huge confidence builder. It’s so much about that. The first couple of runs, my heart was beating in my throat and I felt super stiff and awkward, and was worried about falling or having others run into me. But after a few runs, I loosened up and felt really good. Yesterday, snowboarding. Tomorrow, surfing. I love my life.


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