They won!!!

The Giants win and Eli Manning is MVP of the superbowl. Go figure. I was pretty drunk through most of the game and kind of passed out for a bit in the third quarter, but it all happened at the end anyhow, so no loss. What a fantastic “2 minute” drill. My friend, Beth, and I were holding hands the entire drive and I said to her, “I don’t think he’s gonna pull it off,” and she said, “Yes he will. Just you wait.” And he did. Wow. What a fantastic win. Fun, fun, fun.


2 Responses to They won!!!

  1. Christian says:

    That was a pretty amazing ending. How’d that taste, Hoodie?!
    I think I saw you at the pier on Saturday. You cruised by on your skateboard. I almost said, “Hi!” but I would have been embarrassed as hell if it wasn’t you after all.


  2. Hey. Yes, that was me on Saturday on my skateboard. Next time, you definitely should introduce yourself!

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