Now may be the time

Even though it is beyond cold out, now is probably a good time to paddle out. Again, shape is good, the size is about head high on the sets, and the water quality is surely better than it’s been the past two weeks. More rain is in the forecast for Sunday, so if you are one to care about elevated bacteria levels, get on it either today or tomorrow.

For my part, I will be traveling this weekend so won’t be paddling out, although I hope to get an early skate in before I head out of town. I haven’t skated since the surgery, so even THAT will be a big step in the right direction. I’m rockin’ linkin park on the iPod these days, so a quick skate with the iPod sounds like a blast. But NEXT weekend, I am paddling out. I am so ready. Nerd #1 (Annika) will be there for the inaugural paddle. It will happen. Sweet 🙂


3 Responses to Now may be the time

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  2. British Paul says:

    Beyond cold!? I don’t believe you know the meaning.. This weekend I built a snowman in the back yard and then went surfing.. No sh*t! The air was 24 degrees and the water a balmy 43 degrees.. Now that’s cold! Glad you are making progress tho!


  3. Hi BP:

    Yes. Beyond cold is something entirely different on your side of the pond. Hurry, come visit so you can surf just plain old cold.


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